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FOX Business
Jul 24, 2013 12:00am EDT
here he is being charged with not overseeing people and his defense is he is not overseeing people. >> you hit it on the head in her words you're trying to work both sides of the room. wait a minute, are you a brilliant genius one of the greatest traders of all time or so bumbling you're not reading e-mails. having said that ceo number one play to say i didn't see that, i didn't read that. because it deflates knowily. your point is such a good one. melissa: steve wha is your take on this? because, it is believable,f you get thousands of e-mai he didn't look at every single one. i don't know. >> yeah. that seems like a reasonable defense. i hate these charges anyway. i think insider trading is a extremely difficult thing to prove. and i think that, by the way, if i were king there wouldn't be insider trading laws. i don't think insider trading should be illegal, getting information ahead of somebody else. but you know, steve cen is no angel here. theris no question this company has been under investigation for a long time for shady dealing but i'm not so sure that this defense might
FOX Business
Jul 25, 2013 12:00am EDT
entire thing smells. melissa: and the part of the defense is they got a lot of stuff out of this a ton of advertising so they got what they were paying for even though he was doping at the time in the also says they got to do great stuff for example, they got go to the after parties, the big dinners in france and that is worth a lot of money. so who from the ups -- u.s. ps was flying to france to party with lance and again on my dollar. >> completely idiotic to say it was the advantage that the post office got to go to big parties. i use the postal service i should be able to go to the party saide could have a nice time. is idiotic and they have not made money i take since its invention in this is why because they spend $40 million on something like this. >> 120 million? third -- why are they advertising in any way? maybe should they be spending this money to improv service? they are losing so much money that does not make a lot of sense. thank you for ming on the show. >> it is disgusting. melissa: the world's first smart home security system and it even learns your habits. does this
FOX Business
Jul 31, 2013 5:00pm EDT
should have to pay for his own defense and should be the one who pays for these damages because he is the one who is accused of the conduct. >> his lawyer had the audacity task for the city to pay for his expenses, basically they claim that the city never gave him sexual harassment training. in fact, the contention is that in the 20 years he served in congress that he never got sexual harassment training their either. so amazing about all of this in the ironic thing is that everybody from washington d.c. to san diego has known about this guy's behavior, been as cereal pervert, a jerk for years, and get a prop him up for mayor. they contributed to his campaign. they worked on his behalf to get him elected and now they're all shocked at this kind of behavior . >> when i was going to say, what they are finding is he is still standing firm in saying i will be the mayor. i am not stepping down or resigning. think that is part of the reason why over 60 percent of san diego's one amount. they just want him out and one recall. melissa: it is a serious issue that taxpayers could be liable f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)